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        ONEWE Design
        Maximizes the Commercial Value of Retail

        Over the past 18 years, we have focused heavily on commercial design, working hard to increase the quality of life for customers by creating high-quality and modern commercial space designs, maximizing commercial flow by creating attractive, must-go locations.

        Integrated Design Services
        Let’s return to the Root of Design
        • Business Strategy

          Project Orientation

          Targeted Marketing

          Business district analysis

          Layout planning

        • Architectural Design

          Architectural appearance design

          Exterior style design

          Architectural optimization design

        • Space Planning

          Category planning

          Footfall Traffic Analysis

          Plane layout

          Commodity strategy

        • Interior Design

          Hard outfit design

          Environment graphic design

          Space lighting design

        • Brand VI Design

          Brand strategy

          Brand ID design

          VI design

          Brand packaging design

        • Decoration & IP Design

          Commercial Decoration

          IP image

          Shelf & props

          Overall brand outfit design

        Deep Development in Different Fields to Empower Commercial Value.
        So far, ONEWE Design has served more than 100 clients and completed more than 400 projects, including Global Top 500 enterprises and listed companies such as China Resources, Alibaba, Tianhong, Vanke, JD, China Merchants, Greenland, HNA Group, Wal Mart, Carrefour and Tesco. For the past 18 years, we have been focusing on ommercial, medical care, cultural and office space design.
        • 300+
        • 1000+
        • 100+
          Listed Companies
        • 50+
          International Awards
        Contact us
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        we can answer the following questions for you.

        How to inject energy into the brand to keep the brand young and energetic.

        How to dig brand gene to ensure the long life of the brand.

        How to capture customer’s mind to seize the first place in the category.

        How to create a great experience space to make consumers forget to leave.

        How to use limited promotion to detonate store traffic

        How to improve commercial profitability and build a super mall?

        How to build a chain system to make the brand realize directly?

        Hot line:157 6856 2771

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